Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Fanboy and Chum Chum!

Last Friday was my last day working on storyboards for Fanboy and Chum Chum. I came in half way through the second season and finished out the season having a great time. No word yet if the show will get a third season or not but until then, I'll be working on drawing more Reed Gunther issues for Image Comics.

I had a great little desk area in a room where Ray Morelli, Kyle Carrozza, and David Gemmill all worked. Eddie Trigueros's office was connected to our room as well which was a lot of fun. Here's a photo of my desk:

And here's the wall next to my area that was slowly covered in post-it drawings.

Post-it drawings were soon started to take over our office! Hide the kids!

I was greeted by these Fanboys each morning drawn by Eddie:

Here's a favorite of mine that hung over my desk drawn by David:

Here's a marvelous massive post-it of the character Kyle by the one and only Eddie Trigueros!

A terrifyingly cute BatChum by my crazy talented director Brandon Kruse:

Some Wonder Woman post-its by me. I've got a whole slew of post-it drawings to post in the near future.

And look- Kass and I made Fanboy and Chum Chum sugar cookies for my last day!


School Resources said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

nhough said...

Gramma Houghton would be SO proud of your cookies. I'll have to make sure she sees this pic.

jmanu said...

love the wall full of post-it, so fun!
and the cookies are terrific!, man

Anne said...

glad you took photos of the post it wall, history in the making ....did you have cookie cutters for those cookies? How did you get the shape?? glad you took photos of them as well!